Gerry’s House

View from Volcom House

A short walk along the beach from Warren Harlow’s house will take you to what may be the most important address in surfing: 59-363 Ke Nui Road.

Its occupants still refer to it as “Gerry’s House” as a sign of respect for the man who built it. Gerry Lopez was a surfer from Honolulu who came of age in the 1960s and 1970s and earned the nickname “Mr. Pipeline” for his graceful approach to Pipeline’s perils.

Volcom House

The view of the three-story house built by Gerry Lopez. Now owned by Volcom, a surf apparel company. Note the Volcom “stone” logo attached to the upper level porch. Photo: Tai Vandyke/Volcom

Lopez put up this house 38 years ago with help from partners “Fat Paul” Peterson and Herbie Fletcher, according to Volcom’s David Riddle. Volcom, a surf apparel company, purchased the 4-bedroom, 5-bath home in 2007. Through the decades the house has served as Pipeline headquarters for a string of athletes well known for their mastery of that difficult wave: Andy and Bruce Irons, Mike and Derek Ho, Sunny Garcia, Dane Kealoha, Martin Potter and Tom Carroll.

View from Volcom House

The vew from inside the Volcom house. Photo: Tai Vandyke/Volcom

Volcom also owns a one-story bungalow next door that in the early 1990s acted as base camp for a young Kelly Slater and many of his contemporaries.