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Everyone from newcomer to pro is welcome at 20, an independent publication based in New York City that does not take any advertising. Surfing is difficult to master, offering an unforgiving learning curve to anyone not steeped in the sport. That search for self improvement – ’20’ stands for the highest score one can achieve in competition – is what unites us all.

Feedback on Issue 3

“A surfing magazine looking to expand the image of who a surfer is.”

-Stack Magazines

“Aims to make the sport more accessible to newcomers.”

-Newspaper Club

Feedback on Issue 2

“20 is refreshing for introducing drawn imagery to the sport, albeit quite realistic in style.”


Feedback on Issue 1

“You Guys KILLED IT..! This is exactly the way surfing should be reported, chronicled, and documented: unabashed, surfing FIRST using first-hand accounts of experts and the surfers themselves, not sponsored up the gazu, and no gloss. I loved reading every, I mean every word of this issue… Keep it Going… !”

– Dominick Mendola, Ph.D., senior development engineer, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

“Instructive rather than just image focused which is a nice departure from the norm.”

— Shaun Tomson, former world champion

“I really enjoyed reading your first issue. Keep up the good work.”

— Richard Woolcott, founder of Volcom

“I loved it. Great job.”

— Pat O’Connell, former pro surfer, Hurley vice president

“Check out ’20’.”

— Kelly Slater, 11-time world champion

Special thanks

Colin Carlos, Patrick Caldwell, James Cassimus, Gabriela Clayton, George Crosland, Kevyn Dean, Adam Dufner, Falk Feddersen, John Federoff, Oliver Farley, Rockin’ Fig, Pam Fitzpatrick, Body Glove, Chris Hamlet, Warren Harlow, Mark Healey, Joyce Hoffman, Hurley, Brian Keaulana, Spencer Klein, Chad LaBass, Bud Llamas, Dustin Malama, Fabio Maradei, Liam McNamara, Gabriel Medina, Ronnie Meistrell, Mickey Munoz, Jamie O’Brien, Pat O’Connell, Chris Ortiz, Carrie Ellen Phillips, Jacie Prieto, Mike Reilley, David Riddle, Alexa Ross, Brad Scarfe, Tom Servais, Cliff Skudin, Will Skudin, Kelly Slater, Patty Smith, Paul Speaker, Balaram Stack, Gavin Sutherland, Jock Sutherland, Shaun Tomson, PT Townend, Richard Woolcott, World Surf League, Tai Vandyke, Volcom.


Dan Fitzpatrick

Dan is the editor and founder of the magazine. He is based in New York.

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Alex Roth

Alex is a writer in San Diego, Calif. Follow him on Twitter @alexroth3.

Alex Roth

Xiao Hua Yang

Xiao Hua is an illustrator in New York. His work can be viewed at www.yxhart.me or @dawnwatch.

Imaginary Office

Magazine and website design. imaginaryoffice.com

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Alvar Sirlin

Alvar is an illustrator based in New York. Follow his work at www.alvar.nyc or @varix.

Ignacio Serrano

Ignacio is an illustrator from Madrid. View his work at www.ignacioserrano.com or @gran_naco.


Yu-Ming Huang

Yu-Ming is an illustrator in New York. View his work at www.cornhuang.com or @ymhuang_illustration.Twenty Crown icon


Neil Fitzpatrick

Neil is an illustrator in St. Louis. View his work at www.neiljam.com or @NeilJam.Twenty Crown icon


Ricardo Santos Luis

Ricardo is a photographer in Portugal. View his work @ricardosantosluis.
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Elyse Butler

Elyse is a photographer in Honolulu. View her work at www.elysebutler.com or @oceanelyse.Twenty Crown icon